February 25, 2009


Aristotle (384-323 BC) was born in Macedonia (northern Greece). He learned medicine from his father and philosophy from Plato. He wrote the constitution of Athens, served as counselor to Hermias, tutored Alexander the Great, and is sometimes called the first psychologist.. [Read more]

Personality In A Nutshell

February 19, 2009

What is personality?

Everyone is psychology has at least one idea about what should be excluded in a definition of personality. But nobody agrees on what should be included. Some say there are over 50 definitions of personality but I think that’s a major underestimate. About all everyone agrees on is that there are too many definitions of personality.

Since personality describes who you are as a person, there are a lot of possibilities available. You do, think, say, process, interpret and feel. But which, some, or all of these should be included? It depends on your approach. [Read more]

Johannes Muller

February 15, 2009

In contrast the thinking of his day, Johannes Muller held that each nerve leads to one sensation only. The message nerves carry is not determined by the stimulation (visual, auditory or tactile) but by the brain. If the eye is stimulated by touch (pressure), electricity or by light waves, the result is a visual sensation.

This is the Muller who lived from 1801-1858). The other Muller (with dates of 1752-1809) is a Swiss historian. Keep this in mind when you watch this video on Psychology and Experimental Physiology.

10 Day Guided Tours

February 1, 2009

Think of yourself as being on holiday and me as your tour guide. I’ve taken several areas of psychology and made “tours” of them.

Each tour is divided into 10 “days.” Each day is particular topic. Think of it as taking a 10 week course and we meet only once a week (10 days).

I’ve been a professor for many years. So I made each tour a university-level course in psychology…but more fun. There are no grades. I provide quizzes, tests and pretests for your charting your own progress but they are only for your information.

If there is an area of psychology you’d like me to cover, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.