Paul Broca

May 6, 2009

Broca, Paul (1824-1880)   Paul Broca is best known for his discovery that the brain has a specific area responsible for speech. Broca hypothesized that his patient’s aphasia was caused by a brain lesion. After the patient died (of unrelated causes), Broca performed an autopsy and found a lesion on the third frontal convolution of the left cerebral hemisphere. This portion of the brain which controls speech is called “Broca’s area” More of a clinician than experimenter, Broca taught surgical pathology in Paris, founded a society of physical anthropology, and served in the French Senate.

Ludwig Binswanger

May 6, 2009


Although he studied psychiatry under Bleuler and Jung, Ludwig Binswanger is best known for his existential beliefs. One of the first psychoanalysts in Switzerland (and a personal friend of Freud), Binswanger combined Heidegger’s phenomenology with Freud’s psychoanalysis. [Read more]

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