04 If You Know Nothing About Psych: Mind-Body Problem

August 5, 2009

Psychology is a combination of philosophy and experimental physiology. In this episode, we take a look at how Descartes, Hobes and Berkeley view the nature of God, and how those beliefs impact psychology. Psychology tries to answer some of the questions that these philosophers raise.

The Mind-Body Problem

05 If You Know Nothing About Psych: Experimental Physiology

August 4, 2009

Psychology relied on the methodology of experimental physiology. Here is some information of the early approaches: Galvani, Gall, Flourens, Muller, and Helmholtz.

Experimental Physiology

06 If You Know Nothing About Psych: Wundt

August 3, 2009

Wilhelm Wundt is the “father” of psychology. More than anyone else if formed psychology into a new science. If you know an underachiever, you need to know more about Wundt.

Wilhelm Wundt