What’s Personality All About?

July 30, 2010

Here’s an overview of what a course in Personality Theories typically covers. It’s a quick summary of the seven approaches typically taken to understand personality.

Video: What’s Personality All About?

You Deserve Your Own Theory

July 11, 2010

You’ve read a lot of theories in psychology. You have ideas of what makes people tick. It’s time to write your own theory of psychology!

Or you could start a bit smaller with your theory of personality. I wrote one. You can too. It’s just putting your thoughts down on paper. I’ll even help you.

Start with this video on what to include in Your Theory.

Bruch up on what other’s have said. Here’s a whole course, including videos, on Personality Theories.

And here is a copy of My Theory of Personality.

New Lecture on Albert Ellis

July 3, 2010

Albert Ellis is rational, systematic and confrontational. He is the founder of REBT: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. Like Beck, Ellis is a cognitive theorist. He maintains that we are the cause of our misery. Fortunately, we also hold the cure. The key to being happy is to control your beliefs. Don’t give in to shoulds and oughts. Accept that you are not perfect but you are good.

Here’s an intro to the ideas of Albert Ellis.

New Lecture on Aaron Beck

July 3, 2010

Aaron Beck founded Cognitive Therapy. He combined Freud and Rogers, added his own ideas, and created a new approach to personality and counseling. The heart of Beck’s approach is the impact of beliefs on behavior. What we believe impacts what we do. Just as our perceptual processes can be distorted, our thinking can be biased.

Here is an intro to Beck’s logical thinking approach.