What’s Psych All About

April 10, 2012

Let’s start at the very beginning. What’s psych all about?

It’s the birth of a new science.

Early Psychology & Ancient Roots

April 9, 2012

Psychology is a young science, yet many of its principles are ancient. Psych is the direct descendent of philosophy and experimental physiology. Yet early psychology theories included many ancient philosophies and practices.


The Psychology of Hippocrates, Democritus and Aristotle

April 8, 2012

Psychology is a combination of philosophy and experimental physiology. In this episode, we take a look at how Hippocrates, Democritus and Aristotle approach life, and explain its existence.

Mind Body Problem

April 7, 2012

The Mind Body Problem is a current issue based on ancient thought. One of the big issues facing psychology is how the body and mind interact. There are several views on how best to understand this issue.

Experimental Physiology

April 6, 2012

Psychology uses the methods of experimental physiology to answer the questions of philosophy. Basic research includes observation, careful controls, the manipulation of an independent variable and the measuring of a dependent variable. In some ways, things haven’t changed that much.

Wilhelm Wundt

April 5, 2012

Wilhelm Wundt is the “father” of psychology. He started off as an underachiever. Yet more than anyone else he formed psychology into a new science. If you know an underachiever, you need to know more about Wundt.

Top-Down Processing

April 4, 2012

Top-down processing is our ability to sort information as we perceive it. Sensation and Perception are more integrated than previously believed. Instead of sensation coming first (collecting data) and perception coming second (extracting meaning), both occur interactively.