One Page Summaries Of Psychology

July 25, 2009

Sometimes a picture captures summarizes an entire sequence of events. It can act as a quick reminder of a setting, those present, and feelings you experienced.

Similarly, with a subject as broad and complex as psychology, it’s nice to take a quick look at it’s subfields.¬†Each nutshell is a one-page description of a major area of psychology. The idea is to give you a head start. Think of it a quick guide to the who, what and why of each major area of psychology.

Animal Psychology In A Nutshell

July 20, 2009

 Seven people deserve mention in regard to the development of animal psychology. Together they show how positivism and belief that science is the answer to all questions became a pervasive force in psychology. [Read more]

Personality In A Nutshell

February 19, 2009

What is personality?

Everyone is psychology has at least one idea about what should be excluded in a definition of personality. But nobody agrees on what should be included. Some say there are over 50 definitions of personality but I think that’s a major underestimate. About all everyone agrees on is that there are too many definitions of personality.

Since personality describes who you are as a person, there are a lot of possibilities available. You do, think, say, process, interpret and feel. But which, some, or all of these should be included? It depends on your approach. [Read more]

Experimental Psych In A Nutshell

January 19, 2009

What is experimental psychology?

Psychology is about equally divided into clinical and experimental activities. The clinical side is the practical application of psychological theory to real life problems. In contrast, the experimental side tries to discover principles and processes, whether they are applicable in a clinical setting or not. [Read more]

Statistics In A Nutshell

December 31, 2008

What is statistics?

Statistics is an area of mathematics, a collection of tools for analyzing data, and a way of thinking. As a subset of mathematics, statistics can be the study of multidimensional space, models of chance, or representational structure and change. For most people, statistics is more practical. [Read more]

Counseling Psychology

December 15, 2008

What is counseling?

If psychology had two arms, one would be research and the other counseling. In its simplest form, research generates the knowledge and counseling applies it. But defining counseling is not easy. It is primarily talk therapy but what you talk about varies widely. So the who, what and where of counseling is quite broad. [Read more]

Social Learning In A Nutshell

November 17, 2008

What is social learning theory?

Social learning theories are an extension of behaviorism. They use an empirical approach but emphasize social influence and environmental adaptation. Think of them as behaviorism with a context. [Read more]