Great Minds, Great Ideas


Theories come out of people’s lives. You can’t separate the theory from the person. To understand the theories of psychology, you have to look closely at the those who generated those theories, and the people who infludenced them. The more you know about the person behind the theory, the better you’ll understand the theory.

Similarly, your theory will come from your background. You may never formalize your theory but since you have ideas and make assumptions about why people act the way they do, I believe everyone has an internal theory.

If you decide to formalize your theory, you’ll need to take a closer look at youself. Your theory will be better, the more you know your beliefs, your assumptions, and yourself.

Don’t worry. Other people have thought about the major issues you’ll want to  address. You don’t have to start from nothing. You can, and should, steal from others (giving complete credit where due, of course). In generating a theory, it’s not stealing to agree with great thinkers who have gone before. It’s building on the shoulders of giants. Highly recommended.


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