Karen Pryor

You’re going to love this book!

If you have animals, know animals or are an animal yourself, this book is for you. It gives you the theory of Skinner in an easy to read and understand format.

Karen Pryor was among the first to train dolphins. She describes her use of reinforcement to elephants, whales, dolphins, dogs, and people. Combine this with a good book on clicker training and you’ll be able to modify the behavior of many, including yourself.

Giving rewards for specific behavior works wonders. It’s why you show up for work. It’s why whales jump into the air on cue. And it’s how to get your kids to sit still.

There are limits to reinforcement training but no downside. The limit are that you don’t control the rewards for others, some behavior is self-rewarded, and not everything is a contract. But giving rewards is natural, works well, increases the likelihood of good behavior, and can be applied to many species in lots of settings. It has none of the negatives of punishment. It’s how you prefer to be treated.

Here’s an affiliate link to the book (which means I get paid a bit if you order it here). But wherever you order it, get it. It’s a good book.


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